Sheps Construction, LLC is proud to now offer the entire line of Kolbe products. Kolbe is a top-quality window and door manufacturer, supplying custom premium products.  For window types and collections, please click here.  To learn more about Kolbe product lines, click here.

Does Kolbe have replacement windows?

Yes! Kolbe offers a wide range of window products including casement windows, awning windows, double hung windows, sliding windows, and almost any specialty window you might need.

Where are Kolbe products made/manufactured?

Kolbe is located in the heart of Wisconsin. To see their family success story, click here.

Are Kolbe windows expensive? How much do Kolbe windows cost?

Kolbe is one of the top luxury window brands available. Due to their expert craftsmanship and high quality material, Kolbe windows do cost substantially more than vinyl windows. Pricing will vary based on type and sizing of your windows. Give us a call at 720.206.4344 for a free quote.

Are Kolbe windows good?

Yes, Kolbe windows are a top of the line product. Sheps Construction only offers products we would trust ourselves, and in fact, the owners chose Kolbe windows for their own home.

Does Home Depot sell Kolbe windows and doors?

No. Kolbe windows are only available through authorized distributors. If you have decided on Kolbe windows or would like a free quote, contact Sheps Construction at 720.206.4344 to begin that process.

Are Kolbe windows metal? What material are Kolbe windows made out of?

Kolbe’s Ultra Series windows and doors can mimic the traditional style of wood windows and doors with a warm wood interior and intricate exterior trim details, or they can accommodate modern design needs. Kolbe window exteriors are made of durable aluminum. You can choose from an extensive palette of exterior colors, interior wood species and finishes, divided lite profiles, and more. Kolbe also offers an all-wood option and windows offering a proprietary Glastra material.

What brands are Kolbe window competitors?

Kolbe’s biggest competitor is Pella. We prefer Kolbe windows over Pella due to Kolbe’s wider range of products and longer-lasting durability.

How long to Kolbe windows last?

You can expect Kolbe windows to last 12-20 years. Kolbe also offers a competitive warranty.